Quiet time

As I mentioned yesterday I won’t be updating this blog for a week or so as I’m off on my holidays.  However, if you are craving a photo of Cork, check out Pana-vision which is still operating by (WordPress) magic this week showing archive photos of Cork from the last year or two.

Now, where’s me sun lotion…

5 thoughts on “Quiet time”

  1. Cheers Phil, just back from Tunisia. It wasn’t as warm as we were led to believe, should have done proper research! Photos to come. Had a great week all the same.

  2. In answer to the original question, I’m more than likely not going. I have a few things on this weekend but might still manage to get up to it, if there are spaces left!

    No, it wasn’t rude but thanks for adding in the niceties 🙂

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