Philtre at Cyprus Avenue – NSMA 2008


Philtre were the second band vying for a spot in the next round of the NSMA band competition this year.  I’ve seen these lads quite a few times in Cyprus Avenue so I knew what to expect but they have a new band member (pictured below) who, to put it mildly, doesn’t lack stage presence.  They have also changed the arrangements of some of the tracks so it sounded a lot tighter this time around.  While the gig for the NSMA was short to fit in 4 competing bands, a listen to their MySpace also points to the introduction of piano into at least one of their tracks (One Step Ahead).  This is an interesting departure as they have been mainly guitar-driven up until now.  If you want to make up your own mind on them, go and listen to Took the Time which I think is their stand out track.  I’m glad to say that Philtre made it onto the next stage so keep an eye out for them if you’re in Dublin on April 24th in The Village.




There are a few more photos in the full set but what do you think of the new border and watermark I’ve added?  I’ve been meaning to do something like this for ages.  I’m aware that it would be simple to crop out the website name but I’d rather not watermark the image itself.  I’m starting to use Gimp for my photo editing more and more these days.   Anybody care to tell me how to create a macro to run through the creation of borders and watermarks?

Previous Philtre gigs I’ve photographed:

5 thoughts on “Philtre at Cyprus Avenue – NSMA 2008”

  1. I’ve never used Gimp, though really liking Aperture. Took a while to figure out but I got it in the end.

    Did u figure out how to get a macro for the border? I’d love to be able to do that for photoshop but I’ve no idea how.

  2. The joys of owning that Mac eh? 🙂

    I haven’t figured out the macro thingy yet but I have it down to a fine art now so once I’m happy with the photo it doesn’t take too long to add the border and resize etc. I must ask my brother because I think he has figured it out. Must say I’m a lot happier having my name on the photos seeing as they tend to float around the internet once they’re out there!

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