Adding mail to iPhone mail seems to have improved in recent times with increased storage of 1GB.  I’ve never had an account but always marvelled at the horrible interface although this has improved and is more like Yahoo without the needless Yahoo home page.  I was trying to figure out how to add an Eircom mail account to the iPhone for a friend and after a bit of googling and help from Twitter-folk this is my take on it.

If you have no mail account set up you can just touch the Mail app and the screen below will appear.  If you have previous mail addresses, you need to go through Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Add account

Choose ‘Other’.

Choose ‘Add Mail Account’ if options exist.  Put in details for name, address and password.  Choose Save.

On the next screen on the IMAP tab (chosen by default) Incoming Mail Server, enter as the ‘Host Name’.  ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ are your mail account details.

On the Outgoing Mail Server enter as the Host Name

‘Verifying IMAP account information’ will appear on the screen and may take a few minutes before telling you that it can’t connect using SSL.  Choose Yes to try without SSL.

At this stage you should be able to receive mail whether on wifi or 3G/Edge.  However you will only be able to send mail using the 3G/Edge connection.  If you’re on wifi, you will need to add and turn on other SMTP servers.  Go the Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Your Email Address -> Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) -> Add Server.

I’m on BT so I added  If you are on Eircom broadband, I think it’s but I haven’t confirmed this.  I think you leave each of the SMTP servers on so that sending mail will work depending on what connection you are on.

If you have done all that, why not use Boxcar to set up push notifications for your mail?  Works a treat and it’s free.  I have added in a Twitter account for under €1 so I’m notified of anytime I have a reply or direct message also. I’m @Donal on Twitter if you want to chat there.

As is evident above, I’ve just tried things to make Eircom mail work on the iPhone.  If you see any obvious flaws please leave a comment below.

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  1. I know I’m a bit late, but the in and outs are actually both “” at least, that’s what I’ve used on my computer for the past 10 years. Although I had trouble setting up the account on my iPod, so I had to let iTunes sync the details from outlook… I’m not sure why it failed, cos the details were the same. Nevertheless, it works now.

  2. I tried to set up my I Iphone many times and I canr have all the details and it seems to be impossible.

    I just to the company on Eircom and they told me about my incoming and outgoing mail server and they told me that its; put the the right email and the pass and it says at the end FAILIURE!!!
    Help please!!!!!

  3. Unbelieveably helpful Donal – you’re a star!! From complete randomness, my emails now go to my iphone4 OR to my computer depending which one I check first for new mail.
    Do you know what I need to do now to ensure that all emails go to BOTH iphone and computer in all cases and regardless?
    Thanks again

  4. Glad you’re making use of it, thanks for leaving a comment.
    @Viv: Mail should be going to both regardless of which you look up first. Of course if you read it on your phone you won’t see it as unread on your computer and vice versa. The mail should still be in both places though.

  5. No worries Steve. Thanks for leaving a comment. Just looking at the stats for this post, looks like over 12000 people have come and looked up how to do this!

  6. Hi

    I found this post very helpful, thank you. However, I have tried this using vodafone as my outgoing mail server but the following message appears ‘The SMTP Server “” is not responding. Can you tell me what server name I would input for vodafone please.


  7. Hi Donal,

    Any idea how to get eircom working onn the ipad? I can receive mail but not send it for some reason.

    Cheers x

  8. Hi
    I have the same problem as mairead, I cannot type in the text box of Eircom emails on my iPad. The keyboard comes up for the ‘to’ box and ‘subject’ but it doesn’t recognise the content box. Can anyone please help?


  9. Ive been trying to do this for over a month but it worked after ur tutorial. Thx a million Donal!

  10. Hi, i have been trying unsuccessfully to set my eircom e mail a/c up on my new ipad. i am completly frustrated at this stage. I usually access my account from the web site. please help. thanks.

  11. yes most helpful thanks – it finally dawned on me that I had to use Eircom as SMTP server when using wifi at home with my laptop – but would not work so is back-up!!!

    with mobile email 3g or mobile email one has to use their (o2 or vodafone or 3 ) providers smtp

    this seems to be a relatively new development and I dont know why – a control issue perhaps??

  12. I have entered above advice on iphone and all well except mail sent by iphone only visible on iphone not at home on laptop. All incoming mail available at home and on iphone. Viv had similar problem.

  13. Hi Donal,

    This is an extremely helpful blog post…a twitter pal pointed me to it.

    I have 2 devices. 1) My itouch and I have successfully set eircom email account up on it with the exception of outgoing email. I can’t send email. I have entered the correct outgoing server (vodafone) but when I went to ‘add server’ via outgoing server -> add account (Primary server is showing as vodafone account) I get this message after I get the SSL one in your post above):
    SMPT account verification failed

    The SMPT server….(vodafone) is not responding. Check network connection and that correct info is entered…’

    I get the same message on no. 2) device: an old iPhone 3gs. But I get the message at the earlier stage so the email account won’t set up at all.

    Obviously I’ve checked and network connection is working..

    if you have ANY advice I’d be very grateful…thanks:-)

  14. Sorry….I’ve just checked and I actually have the email account set up on iphone! It DID work! So it’s just outgoing email on both devices that I’m stuck on.

    Thanks again!

  15. Just a couple of points.

    there are two “types” or ways of dealing with email – one is referred to as pop 3 and the other as imap.

    pop3 was grand in simpler times when you had a pc and you downloaded your mail to to your inbox and it did not remain on the isps server. Gradually people wanted to access their mail from more than one device and thats where imap comes in – this effectively leaves your mail on the server and you access it from your various devices.

    However you have to be precise in your settings. For example you have to turn on imap in your gmail settings and older eircom accounts need to be adapted to imap by requesting it from Eircom.

    Also to ensure that all mails end up in your sent mail no matter what device you use you need to be using imap.

    Also remember that usually your can access incoming mail relatively easily no matter which isp you are with however to send mail you usually have to use the smtp (outgoing server) of whichever isp you are using at the time.

    So say you have a home connection with Eircom then you would be using Eircoms smtp on the pc or laptop but a mobile with say O2 then you will need to have o2’s smtp for sending via the mobile.

  16. Having great difficulty despite doing all above.
    1) sending email from wifi at home can take hours
    2) can check email on 3G but can’t send.
    All stmp settings are on, should I turn them manually off/on when changing between 3G and wifi?

    Any advise before I throw iPhone out window?!

  17. Followed above instructions using wifi and had no problems with incoming mail. Turned off wifi and set outgoing server as: turned wifi back on – outgoing mail working fine now.

  18. Hi Donal

    You are a genius!!Thanks so much for the above!! I have been trying to set this up for months!!!


  19. Hi Donal
    Thanks so much for this. I still cant manage it though. When i put the smtp o2 server in the outgoing box do i put in my username and password again? After i click go ahead without SSL i get an error message after a few mins saying cannot send mail, the username or password for’ smtp,’ is incorrect. Have u any idea why this is or can i fix it?? Thanks! Cait

  20. Hi Donal,
    I’ve tried you instruction above (plus Anna on December 11, 2011 at 1:48 am info) and just cannot get my iPhone 4 to send mail.
    Can send and receive gmail & yahoo mails on network/3G/WiFi no problem.
    My specs are: e-mail address
    on the Vodafone network for my mobile
    on the Vodafone network for home broadband/wifi
    mostly check mail on the phone when on various other Wifi’s scattered around the place.
    Any pointers greatly appricated (as the Eircom & Vadafone site were a waste of time)

  21. I’m having the same problem with O2. Could at one stage only send using 3G but recently cannot send anything at all using 3G or WiFi.

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