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Sultans of Ping

Check out this site for an mp3 of a Sultans of Ping remix.  It features the iconic hit “Where’s me jumper?” from the early 90s.  The Sultans will be playing Cork again in December this year as well as other gigs around the country.  They were the first band I saw live back in about ’93 in the City Hall, Cork so I can’t wait for this gig!

Cork match

So the tickets finally appeared!  Although that didn’t help the poor sods outside looking for tickets…

I was at the match. 

Cork Vs Galway All-Ireland 2005


Unfortunately, the team photo shot only lasts about 15secs so I had to get this shot later.  For more shots of the game see my Flickr account.  

Back to my original thought.  How much did you pay for tickets outside the stadium?  I heard of them going for €400 +.  Crazy money, touts should be hunted down and … Well, maybe not that much.