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We’re back

Things have been quiet here for a while but now myself and my lovely wife (she said yes quite a while back) are back from honeymoon in Thailand (relaxing but got tired of the harassment from tradespeople selling everything), Sydney (just 2 nights but what a great city) and New Zealand (16 days in a campervan, nice way to test the marriage early on!), so I thought it’d be a good time to get back on the blogging wagon again.  I have a few photos from the travels so I’m going to have a new dedicated photoblog site (nice url but not set up yet) for all my photos as well as my dedicated Cork only photoblog with music related photos being the main staple on this site.  This site will get a revamp to show the daily photos from the photoblogs so I have a few things on the to-do list!

Quiet time

As I mentioned yesterday I won’t be updating this blog for a week or so as I’m off on my holidays.  However, if you are craving a photo of Cork, check out Pana-vision which is still operating by (WordPress) magic this week showing archive photos of Cork from the last year or two.

Now, where’s me sun lotion…

Best Photoblog Shortlist

Woo hoo, I made the short-list for the best photoblog category of the upcoming Irish Blog Awards. Check out the opposition other blogs below for really excellent stuff. It’s quite a long short-list and, while I wouldn’t have fancied the job of trying to narrow this down, I can think of quite a few from the original list which deserve further viewing.

Best Photo Blog Sponsored by

Good luck to y’all.

Irish Blog Awards 2008

It’s that time of year when you get to nominate your favourite blog for a plethora of awards which means they can add a nice banner to their blog to say they’re the bestest.  So, if you think I’m the bestest, go on and nominate me.   You might also consider my other new venture Pana-Vision, a daily photograph of Cork city and (soon) county.   I have already filled in my nominations, a few new ones this year that I haven’t nominated before.  Although it’s interesting that blogs which I rated highly a year ago are still in my my favourites in my RSS reader.

On the judging side of things, they are still looking for help so check out their blog to put your name down.  I’m happy to do another bout of judging this year if needs be.  Frankly, all that power goes to my head.

Happy New Year

Bring on 2008, looking forward to another good year.  2007 saw me getting engaged, move into our new house, and did a spot of charity work in Africa.  It also brought the first of the next generation in the O Caoimh clan.

I’m looking forward to 2008, and with it,  a new project.  I’ll still post mostly live music shots here but I also have a photoblog called Pana-Vision which will be a photo a day of Cork city and county.  It’s still in its infancy but go and take a look and let me know if you have any ideas.