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Mick Flannery at De Barras

Mick Flannery

There is no need to wax lyrical about Mick Flannery any further as I have done so quite often on this blog already.  I was lucky enough to catch him twice last weekend, the first  being at the intimate venue of de Barras in Clonakilty.

Mick Flannery

There was no support act on the night so Mick was straight up on stage.  He started the show with just a backing vocalist and violin accompaniment and later on introduced a guitarist, bass player and drummer in the form of Christian Best who also plays with Television Room.

Mick Flannery

A lot of the old music from the first album, Evening Train, was played but there are some cracking songs to come on the new album based on what I heard that night, and also in the Everyman. The second album is not going to follow the concept design of the debut album, instead it would appear to be a more traditional style production.  I’m certainly looking forward to this coming out next year.

Mick Flannery

Mick Flannery violonist

There are some more photos in the full set although not too many new ones, just different treatments of some of the ones here already as the lighting was quite difficult on the night.

New Music Friday

Pete Courtney Single Launch

Pete Courtney releases his first single in quite a while today. Instinct can be purchased directly online, including a snippet of the song, here or if you’re in Ireland or the UK, you can get download details and pay by text in the following manner:

Text SP 308172 to

  • 57780 (in Ireland)
  • 82540 (in the UK).

The single cover above is a picture I took down in De Barra’s in Clonakilty during the summer.

News of another release comes from Nialler9 who informs us that Saul Williams is releasing his latest album online à la Radiohead. The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust is not due out until 1st November although if you are as excited as I am, you can pre-order now. There are two options available, either you pay the measly sum of $5 or you can download the 192Kbps version for free. It’s well worth $5 so get clicking. I’ll be happy if more albums are released in this format and at this price!

Pete Courtney at the Sitting Room Sessions

Pete Courtney

We took a spin down to Clonakilty a few weeks back to see Pete Courtney play at de Barra’s as part of their Sitting Room Sessions hosted by Gavin Moore. This was my first time at this weekly gig and the intimate “sitting room” setting really works. Pete will be back on tour in August to promote his long-awaited second album with the following dates already confirmed:

Bewleys Cafe Theatre 9th August
The Stables Mullingar 11th August
The Spirit Store Dundalk 15th August
The Roundy Cork 16th August

Pete Courtney

Pete Courtney

See all photos from Pete’s set.