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Carlsberg Comedy Festival in Dublin

Tim Minchin at Carlsberg Comedy Festival

We were watching Tim Minchin on the telly back in July and just for the laugh Googled him to see if he was playing anytime soon.  We were heading up to Dublin for the U2 concert on the Saturday and sure enough Tim Minchin was playing on Sunday as part of the Carlsberg Comedy Festival.  I don’t think much needs to be said about this genius except to say that his show absolutely wowed us.

As if the musical comedic delights of Tim Minchin weren’t enough for us, Des Bishop was the 2nd headliner on the bill.  I’ve never seen Des live but I’ve enjoyed his shows on telly, each concept show getting that bit more involved and entertaining.  He’s got a certain stage presence and while he didn’t play any instrument, he toyed with the audience.  In particular, one lady who wanted to take part in the show after one too many glasses of wine.  Her “I paid for you” comment was the ultimate invitation to take the complete mickey out of her and Des obliged to everybody’s delight except hers.  Is binn béal ina thost, as the good man would say himself.

Des Bishop at Carlsberg Comedy Festival

Michael Mee was the MC for the evening.  The Corkman did a fine job of getting the crowd in the mood with his self-deprecating style.  I wouldn’t mind seeing him in action doing his own show.

Michael Mee at Carlsberg Comedy Festival

There was a great buzz around the Iveagh Gardens where the festival was held.

Carlsberg Comedy Festival Dublin

Carlsberg Comedy Festival Dublin

Carlsberg Comedy Festival Dublin

Carlsberg Comedy Festival Dublin

Stamp Covers and Buses

Friday week ago An Post released a set of stamps comprising of four of the most prolific and well-known Irish traditional music bands: Planxty, De Dannan, The Bothy Band, and the Tulla Céilí Band.  Oh, and there’s me skulking on the first day cover playing the uilleann pipes.  Local Cork artist Finbarr O’Connor was commissioned to paint the four stamps and contacted me through the Cork Pipers Club website during the summer.  I was shocked to see how recognisable the image was when I got a larger version from Finbarr and the first day cover has pride of place on the mantle piece now. You can buy this set of stamps on the first day cover online at IrishStamps.

The stamp was not my initial foray into the modelling arena.  Last year my image was plastered on the back of a bus le haghaidh Gael-Taca.  I never actually saw the bus myself but below is the image used on the back of the bus.  Comments about face like the back of a bus etc are welcome.

I’m seriously considering a career change with this breakthrough into modelling so if you need to spruce up that family photo, or that graduation photo why not get in contact?  Answers below too :).

A better class of drunk in Cork

This evening I came across a guy sitting/lying on the ground in front of a church with his crutches askew and a half-empty bottle of rum beside him.  He was moaning and giving out about somebody, or maybe to somebody, so I approached to see if he needed a hand up.  Having got him and his bottle of rum over to a nearby wall, he asked if I could get him some food.  Being a bit early anyway, and only Liverpool on the telly, I acquiesced.   I called over to the local Chinese and got two bags of chips, one for him and one for his buddy who had appeared afterwards.  On my return, I handed them the food to which the first guy responds.

“Do you have any bit of curry with them?”

Don’t Use Work Internet If You Don’t Want To Get Caught

This is an amazing story of complete carelessness and stupidity.  Damien lost his bags, or they were lost for him by Sky Handling Partners.  Damien is always one to speak his mind and kept his readers updated on the progress of the company in finding his bags, which was fairly minimal.  Then, it appears that Sky Handling, or at least one of their employees, starting signing Damien up for dating sites, using their work internet access.  Silly boys.  An angry Damien is not a pretty site (pun completely intended).

The worst that happened to me from somebody using their work internet access was some plonker from Meteor (Hi Matt if you’re reading) leaving ridiculous comments on a blog post I wrote ages ago about Meteor.  The post itself was quite complimentary towards Meteor but I had an issue with one aspect which Matt probably works on in there.   He first called me a “sad git” and even though I pointed out in the next comment that I knew he was working with Meteor the insults just kept on flying.  They were quite amusing but I left him have the last word on it.  I just had no comeback to “I can call u wotever i like”.