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El Jem Coliseum

El Jem

Whilst on holiday in Tunisia, we took a 2 day trip around the country because it was quite chilly and sitting by the pool wasn’t an option.  I’m glad we did because we got to see some amazing sights.  Here we visited the amphitheatre of El Jem.  Our guide was very informative and told us lots of interesting facts including the fact that they hold classical concerts in this amphitheatre each summer which must be a sight to behold.  A quick Google found more historical info about the area.

Arbeit Macht Frei


One last photo from Auschwitz in this series of posts.  This is the infamous gate to the camp with those terrible words over it.  According to this site, they were placed there by Major Rudolf Hoss who “seems not to have intended it as a mockery, nor even to have intended it literally, as a false promise that those who worked to exhaustion would eventually be released, but rather as a kind of mystical declaration that self-sacrifice in the form of endless labor does in itself bring a kind of spiritual freedom“.

HMS Exeter in Cork

HMS Exeter in Cork

HMS Exeter was docked in Cork last night along with some other boats which looked fairly impressive. There had been some other boats in during the week but I never got around to taking photographs as the weather was so bad. When I was taking the photos, I heard voices which kinda freaked me out as it was dark on that side of the quay. It turned out that there’s some project happening where the sounds of the past are being played from speakers in ornamental metallic cones!  My description doesn’t do it justice, check out fo2me’s picture of them on Flickr.

Shandon Tower

Shandon Tower Cork

Shandon Tower in the northside of Cork City.   The present tower was re-built in 1722 having been destroyed in the siege of Cork in 1690.  It was increased in height in 1750 to accomodate the famous bells which can be heard across the city from time to time.  For more information see here.

If you’re visiting Cork, it’s well worth a visit.  The view from the top is amazing and you can play tunes on the bells, if you’re musically inclined, or just play them all at once like most people if not :).