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Combat Climate Change

I heard of this website over the weekend so had to check it out.  It has some good tips; the obvious ones like turn off the tv and other appliances instead of leaving them on standby and stop being lazy and cycle to work.  One of the not so obvious is to not overfill the kettle.  I’d imagine that Irish kettles are clicked fairly often because according to this site Ireland is the largest tea consumer per capita in the world.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it! 

Jack L

Jack L, originally uploaded by docaoimh.

Jack L played yet another magnificent show, this time in the Savoy in Cork. The last time we saw him was in the more intimate (and stifling hot) venue of Cyprus Avenue. I didn’t have any of his stuff that he plays at his gigs, like “Rooftop Lullaby” so I was happy to buy Songs From The Little Universe Show for a measly tenner. This also contains the song which I can’t remember the name of but which contains the refrain “it’s a miracle”. The crowd sang this for about 4 minutes non-stop while Jack sang the rest of the song. Great interaction with the crowd – I’d reckon he won over some new fans on Saturday night. The highlights of the show have to be when Jack played his little accordion and sang without the mic. The silence was unbelievable although you could still hear the mechanics of the Savoy at work. As usual, his rendition of Hallelujah was powerful stuff.

I was taking a few more photos but the bouncers, well 1 bouncer, decided to put an end to my exploits. I waited for the encore to take some photos cos I really didn’t want to get kicked out!

Verdict: Great show, check Jack L out if he comes to a town near you.

Matt Lunson

Matt Lunson, originally uploaded by docaoimh.

Matt Lunson, from Tasmania, is playing support to Maria Doyle Kennedy in Cyrpus Ave tonight. Seen here playing in the Cruiscin back in July (I think), he’s well worth checking out. For more check out his site or Cork Gigs.

I’m going to Jack L in the Savoy tomorrow (Sat) night. Hopefully pictures to follow.


Update (12th Oct): Matt Lunson plays Cyprus Ave (who incidentally have a brand new spanking website) on Friday the 14th October.  As always this info found on Cork Gigs

Cork match

So the tickets finally appeared!  Although that didn’t help the poor sods outside looking for tickets…

I was at the match. 

Cork Vs Galway All-Ireland 2005


Unfortunately, the team photo shot only lasts about 15secs so I had to get this shot later.  For more shots of the game see my Flickr account.  

Back to my original thought.  How much did you pay for tickets outside the stadium?  I heard of them going for €400 +.  Crazy money, touts should be hunted down and … Well, maybe not that much.