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Ham Sandwich at Indie-Pendence in Mitchelstown

Ham Sandwich made a welcome return to the Indie-Pendence festival following a fine display last year.  Their debut album “Carry the Meek” has been out for a while now and is well worth picking up.  They’re playing at Electric Picnic today and seem to have a few gigs coming up in September around Ireland.  Check out their MySpace for mor info.

More photos in the full set on Flickr.  I’m almost done with photos from this festival although I have lingering from last year’s festival so I might dig them out.

The Flaws at Indie-Pendence in Mitchelstown

The Flaws played on the Sunday evening of the recent Mitchelstown Music Festival.  They are a band I’ve liked for a while since buying their album “Achieving Vagueness”.  I know it’s unfair to keep making comparisons with other bands but they have a sound very similar to that of The Killers.  This is no bad thing and the album is well worth checking out if you are into this type of music.  It’s not ground-breaking but it’s well produced and instantly catchy.  I’d expect to hear a lot more from the band in the coming year.  Check out their MySpace for a few tracks.

See more photos in the full set on Flickr.

Fred at Indie-Pendence in Mitchelstown


Zany Cork band Fred played on Saturday in Mitchelstown at the Indie-Pendence festival. It must be almost 8 years since I saw them play first when I was in college. While they may have lost some hair and filled out a bit, they haven’t lost that great stage presence and the ability to put on a great show. Their most recent album, Go God Go, has seen their music go to another level but they also played the oldies on Saturday. Go listen to them on their MySpace and purchase one of their albums in your local record shop. Do it for the kids.

A few more photos in the full set on Flickr.

By the way, apparently they will be on the Ray D’Arcy show tomorrow (Fri) morning on TodayFM.

Gemma Hayes at Indie-Pendence in Mitchelstown

The delectable Gemma Hayes headlined on Friday night at the Mitchelstown Music Festival, Indie-Pendence. Gemma Hayes is one of those artists who seems to have been around for an age and whose music is instantly recognisable so it was great to finally see her live. Even the rain held off, as it has done for the rest of the festival so far, touch wood. I also caught Rulers of the Planet and The Kinetiks on Friday, photos to come this week. Shamefully, I still have photos of last years festival lingering on my hard drive which never made it here so I’m trying to get this year’s photos up straight away.

See more photos in the full set on Flickr. Also, check out some tracks from Gemma on her MySpace.

An odd thing I stumbled upon when looking up her site, I went to http://gemmahayes.com without the www and it re-directs to http://gemmahayes.com/Store/DisplayItems-1-0.html which is actually a Supergrass online store at http://www.supergrassrus.com/Store/DisplayItems-1-0.html. Something odd up me thinks.

I’m looking forward to seeing The Blizzards headline tonight. Let’s just hope that rain stays away.

Mitchelstown Music Fest 2008


Mitchelstown Music Festival, Indie-Pendence, is back again this year at the start of August with another fantastic line-up. Where else would you see all these bands play on the same weekend and for free? Check out the vid above for a selection of the bands playing in this years festival.

Gemma Hayes, The Kinetiks, Rulers of the Planet, We Should Be Dead, The Vital Spark, Cathy Davey, Fight Like Apes, The Chapters, Fred, Dirty Epics, Travega, New Amusement, Supermodel Twins, The Blizzards, Ham Sandwich, The Flaws, The Laundry Shop, Alphastates, Hope is Noise & Sweet Jane, Giveamanakick, The Aftermath, Vesta Varro.

Update: Times of the festival this weekend.  Who do you want to see most?

Friday August 1

1930 The Vital Spark
2010 We Should Be Dead
2050 Rulers of The Planet
2110 The Kinetiks
2230 Gemma Hayes

Saturday August 2

1700 Supermodel Twins
1735 New Amusement
1810 Travega
1850 Dirty Epics
2000 The Chapters
2045 FRED
2130 Fight Like Apes
2230 Cathy Davey

Sunday August 3

1700 Bravado
1735 Sweet Jane
1810 Hope is Noise
1850 Alphastates
2000 The Laundry Shop
2045 The Flaws
2130 Ham Sandwich
2230 The Blizzards