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Dark Room Notes at Indiependence

Dark Room Notes at Indiependence

Dark Room Notes were the next band up at Indiependence after Wallis Bird.  I saw DRN play a while back in Cyprus Avenue and have since heard them on the radio where they’re getting some coverage.

Dark Room Notes at Indiependence

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Mick Flannery at Cork Opera House 2008

Mick Flannery played his annual Christmas gig in the Opera House to a packed house back in Decemeber.  Mick has come on in leaps and bounds this year with the release of White Lies and regular airplay on the national airwaves.  Good to see he still has the same old self-effacing stage presence where he now just happily plays his magnificent music; the only time he breaks from this is to take the mickey out of the occasional heckler or re-inforce his understated interaction with the crowd with a few words every now and again, the eager crowd hanging on his every word.

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Grand Pocket Orchestra at The Pavilion

Grand Pocket Orchestra at The Pavilion

Grand Pocket Orchestra played a couple of weeks ago in The Pavilion in Cork as part of the weekly Bootleg series.  I was looking forward to seeing this band and I must say I was surprised at how young this band is. Continue reading Grand Pocket Orchestra at The Pavilion

Clare O’Mahony at The Lodge in Mallow

Clare O’Mahony played support to Mick Flannery down in The Lodge in Mallow recently and appears to be playing support on more of his upcoming gigs.  Clare was joined on stage by another guitarist who also contributed on backing vocals and together they created nice melodies and interplay with their guitar picking.  Clare once alluded to Dawson’s Creek during the gig and its impact on one of her songs and this influence is plain to see in many of the songs.  You could just imagine watching the dilemmas of Dawson, Joey, Pacey et al. unfurl whilst listening to her music and in this respect her style reminds me of Christopher Dallman.  Unfortunately there was quite a bit of chatter down the back in The Lodge but those of us up front certainly enjoyed the show.

If you’re going to see Mick Flannery in the Pavilion on Friday then get in early to catch Clare O’Mahony.

Don’t Lose the Music – Wear Ear Protection

Don’t Lose The Music

I recently mentioned that I purchased a pair of ear-plugs in time for the Murphy’s Live Music event in the Bróg last week.  I had been thinking about doing this for quite some time, and when I came across the Don’t Lose the Music website, I decided to bite the bullet.  Don’t Lose the Music is a website advocating the need for ear protection when in a noisy environment, in particular at gigs and night clubs.  For far too long I have been up close to speakers while taking photographs at gigs, and still feeling the effects of it the day after.

At the gig in the Bróg where three great (and loud!) acts played, Fight Like Apes, My Evil Ex, and Painting by Numbers, I was able to stand close enough to the speakers and snap away without rushing away, thanks to my ear-plugs.  I have had a few bad experiences in the Bróg and generally avoided going in there as the sound level is far too high.  On this occasion, it was slightly tempered but I definitely needed the ear-plugs when close to the speakers.  I spotted other people close-by rubbing their ears which is never a good sign.  The ear-plugs I got only cost a measly €20 and are re-usable.  I would recommend anybody to invest if you go to gigs/nightclubs and you have ringing in your ears, or you feel your hearing is on the wane.

It begs the question though, are gigs getting louder?  Who moderates the sound level at gigs?  Is it the sound engineer applying venue policy, or is the band themselves?  I was at the 2FM 2moro 2our all ages gig in Cyprus Avenue late last year when David Geraghty headlined with a great set.  Before he and his band played though, Concerto for Constantine played support.  I had never heard of them and am always willing to listen to new music.  But they were playing seriously loud music and at one point, lead singer Mark Greaney the bassist asked the crowd if the volume was too high and went on to say something like “When you go to see your doctor about your hearing loss, tell them Concerto for Constantine sent you”.  Twat!  I’d be willing to bet that the band themselves had ear-plugs, or else they should do.  Bearing in mind that this was an all ages gig, the sound level should have been lower than normal gigs.

Once your hearing is gone, it’s gone.  Don’t lose the music!