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Ian Whitty and the Exchange Album Launch in the Pavilion

Ian Whitty released his long-awaited second album Lucky Caller No 9 with a bang last week in the Pavilion.  It’s an edgier, more energetic production than his first offering Will o’ the Wisp with stand-out tracks such as Houndstooth Shirt and Fallen Stars (In Late Night Bars) already getting quite a bit of radio airplay.  There are throwbacks to the more subtle and softer tones of the debut album with the gorgeous The Family is Still Young and the delectable She Knocks Me Out.  Can you guess I’m a fan?

I was looking forward to the gig for many reasons: first time photographing a gig in the Pavilion which was very impressive; getting my grubby hands on Lucky Caller No 9; and finally to see Armoured Bear playing support.  Unfortunately we didn’t get in to see Armoured Bear but it’s another gig to get to in the near future.  Armoured Bear also have an album recently launched which is high on my wish-list.  Amoured Bear a.k.a. Anto plays drums for Ian Whitty so I managed to get a few shots of him all the same.

There’s another review of the gig here by the fine folk at Drop-d.ie, who also have a review of the album, as do Red Track Music and Good Seed PR.  I just noticed that Ian Whitty has his very own Facebook page so do a search for him if you’re on that (not sure about linking to Facebook pages when I’m logged in…).

See more photos in the full set on Flickr.  Oh, and go and buy the album, it’s in the shops on Friday Ocobter 24th.