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Ian Whitty at Indiependence

Ian Whitty was on the Cyprus Avenue stage at the Indiependence Festival in Mitchelstown last weekend.  We had just arrived at the mudfest where the festival was located this year when we heard Ian playing so we ambled over to the tent housing the Cyprus Avenue stage.  The crowds had yet to appear at this stage of the afternoon but Ian and his band put on a great show for those present.  His second album from last year ‘Lucky Caller No 9’ is still one of my favourites and has a special place on my mp3 player.

I have a few more photos in the full set on Flickr.

The Blizzards at Indie-Pendence in Mitchelstown

The Blizzards headlined the recent(ish) Indie-Pendence Festival in Mitchelstown on the last night of the festival.  This festival just gets better each year, well done to Shane Dunne and all involved with putting a free festival together with such great acts.  The Blizzards have truly come of age with a fine second album recently released although I’m not convinced by their choice of first single.  There are many other stronger choices for singles on Domino Effect.  Judging by the reaction the lads got from the crowd the album should be selling well.  I just bought it yesterday, along with Mick Flannery’s White Lies which has been playing non-stop so I’m afraid I only listened to Domino Effect straigh through once.  At the gig one of the photographers was certainly smitten by lead singer Niall Breslin, she just smiled her way around the front of the stage taking photographs and even proclaimed “I think I’m in love”.  I don’t get it, sweaty hairy fecker that he is :).

Some more photos in the full set on Flickr.  The Blizzards are back in Cork on October 2 when they play the Savoy.

Ham Sandwich at Indie-Pendence in Mitchelstown

Ham Sandwich made a welcome return to the Indie-Pendence festival following a fine display last year.  Their debut album “Carry the Meek” has been out for a while now and is well worth picking up.  They’re playing at Electric Picnic today and seem to have a few gigs coming up in September around Ireland.  Check out their MySpace for mor info.

More photos in the full set on Flickr.  I’m almost done with photos from this festival although I have lingering from last year’s festival so I might dig them out.

Cathy Davey at Indie-Pendence in Mitchelstown

Cathy Davey headlined the Saturday night at the recent Mitchelstown Music Festival. I’ve been a big fan of Cathy Davey for quite some time but never made it in to see her during her residency in Cyprus Avenue last year. I had her two albums playing almost non-stop on my mp3 player by which time I had reached saturation point when you need to give an album a rest. I got the CDs out again and listened while driving down to Mitchelstown on Saturday. Sometimes the live act doesn’t live up to what you expect but Cathy Davey and her band put on a sublime performance. It was a little unfortunate that she was on straight after wonderful sets from Fight Like Apes and Fred as her music is much more understated and subtle. Have a listen on her MySpace if you haven’t heard her before and you’ll see what I mean.

It was a joy to photograph Cathy Davey so there are a bunch of other photos in the full set on Flickr.

Fight Like Apes at Indie-Pendence in Mitchelstown

Fight Like Apes justified their later billing at this year’s Indie-Pendence festival in Mitchelstown last weekend with a frenzied performance.  Last year they played during the day when they were not so widely known but this year they were on after Fred, which is no mean feat, and just before Cathy Davey headlined.  Their mad cap live performance just seems to have got more insane and they have a lot of new material which should make its way onto their debut album which, like their EPs, has a long-winded title “Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion”.

Just two more photos in the full set as the lighting was tough for their show.