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Blackwater Triathlon 2008

The Blackwater Triathlon Club held their first triathlon last Sunday in Fermoy.  Having done one triathlon at the start of the summer, we had pencilled in this as the next event.  I only managed a relay event this time as I couldn’t do the run but I’m glad I did that much.  Like the last one, the sun just managed to come out for the race which made it a bit more enjoyable, if enjoyment can be gleaned from something like this!  Thanks to Dan for being official photographer until I finished with the swim and cycle.

I did have a few qualms about the triathlon.  The swim part seemed much shorter than 750m.  I know we had a strong current but that couldn’t account for the mostly sub 10 minute times being posted.  Due to safety restrictions the transition area was across the bridge from where we got out of the water which meant a bit of a jog after the swim.  This wasn’t too bad but I thought the transition down from the church after the bike was a bit on the long side.  I was well knackered at that stage.  Again, this was necessary for safety reasons but you’re not thinking about that when you’ve finished your 20km.  At least I knew I was finishing at that point.

Also, my anti-fog anti-leak goggles fogged up and leaked very early on which made it difficult to distinguish between the yellow swim caps and the big yellow buoy.   Please change the colour of one of these for next year!

Some people at the finishing line after the jump: check out the full set of photos for a lot more.

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