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Lee Swim 2008

Lee Swim

The Lee Swim took place on Saturday in the glorious sunshine of Cork.  I’m not sure if I’d be so quick to jump into the murky waters of the River Lee but it looked relatively clean from a distance on Saturday.  There was a great turnout for this event which was resurrected in 2005 having started in 1914.  I knew a couple of people doing it and am currently being harassed to do it next year.  Watch this space!

Lots more photos in the full set over on Flickr.  I also hope to resurrect Pana-Vision which will consist of plenty of sporting photos from the past month or so.

Schull Triathlon

Schull Triathlon 2008

After threatening to do a triathlon in the last few years, normally over Christmas drinks when it seems like a good idea, this year I finally followed through on it with a few lads from college.

Schull Triathlon is a sprint distance triathlon in which you swim 750m, cycle 20km, and run 5km. Each on their own are very doable but putting them all together is a different prospect. We got down to Schull bright and early on Saturday morning for registration and set up our gear in the transition area. This being our first triathlon we didn’t really know what to expect from the day and to be honest I couldn’t think much past the swim. I was just looking to finish this and then see how things went from there. We had a briefing before the start of the race where Munster and Irish rugby player Frankie Sheehan got a good reception when introduced as official starter.

Schull Triathlon 2008

You wouldn’t know it from the photo of me below on the left but I wasn’t all that relaxed as we wandered down for the start! Although after a long morning wait I was looking forward to just get the show on the road.

Schull Triathlon 2008

Further photos and race description after the jump:

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