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Mick Flannery at the Lodge in Mallow

Mick Flannery played the Lodge two weeks ago as part of the tour to launch his second album White Lies.  Mick Flannery has been touring quite a lot in the last couple of years which was evident by the full house at The Lodge.  While he hasn’t lost his bashfulness on stage, he seems to take it all in his stride now.

Tomorrow’s Paper, which I believe is the first single from the album White Lies, has been getting a lot of airplay on local and national radio so it seems Mick Flannery is getting the recognition he deserves outside of Cork, where he has been selling out shows for a few years now.  That song is a bit more upbeat than songs from his debut album and overall I think White Lies is a more varied and considered album.  There seems to a be an avalanche of good Irish bands releasing strong albums at the moment.  While you’re in town (or online) buying this album, why not pick up Ian Whitty’s second album too, From the Word Go from Messiah J and the Expert, Go God Go from Fred, and Honeycomb Moons from Armoured Bear.

Mick Flannery on the Late Late Show


Mick Flannery recently launched his second album and got a nice slot on the Late Late Show, his third appearance I believe.   I still haven’t got my hands on the album “White Lies” but I hope to get it at the weekend.  He’s back in Cork in The Lodge and The Pavilion in October.  Check out his MySpace for more gigs in your area.